Anti-Climb Mesh Fence Panel

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Anti-Climb Mesh Fence Panel

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Temporary Fence Panels - Round Top With An Anti-Climb Mesh Fill & A Safe Edge Design Which Removes All Sharp Edges
£23.99 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £28.79
£23.99 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £28.79


If you’re looking for a safe, cost effective way to temporarily fence off a perimeter then the 3.5 meter Safe Fence Round Top Panels are perfect for you. These security mesh panels are easily erected using rubber block fence feet and coupled together using steel fence clips. Often these types of panels are referred to as Heras Fencing, due to Heras formally being the largest hire company for this type of temporary fencing product. However there are several different manufactures of this type of temporary fencing panel and each of them are slightly different. 

We think this is the Safest panel out there and here's why:

The Safe Fence 3.5 meter wide x 2.0 meter high temporary fence panel is similar to the traditional “Heras” Anti-Climb Wire Fencing Panel, however it uses Safe Edge Design. This means the frame of the panel has been specifically designed to allow for a small gap in it, into which the edges of the anti-climb mesh can slot into. By slotting the anti-climb mesh inside the tube frame, rather then welding it to the outside, this panel eliminates the risk of handlers and civilians cutting themselves on sharp edges that are commonly left on wire Temporary Fencing Panels.

Many of you may have seen that after a few uses the anti-climb round top fencing panels can also begin to peal away from the tube frame as the welds break. With the anti-climb mesh slotted inside the tube, even if welds are broken, the wire remains firmly lodged inside the frame. Once again this security fencing panel removes a health and safety risk while increasing the life-span of the panel.

We haven't sacrificed quality in our search to become suppliers of safer fencing products. In fact just the opposite. The older Square Top Temporary Fence Panels have a join (weld) in each of the four corners. These corners are the weakest part of the panel. Therefore these panels have four potential "weak spots". A Round Top Panel eliminates two of these "weak spots" by using two, rather than four, pieces of tube to make up the frame. On top of this in these two corners we have chosen panels that use double sided brackets. Traditionally corner brackets on temporary fencing panels have used a thin strip of metal, that has been weakly spot welded to offer very little support to the fence panel. The temporary fencing panels we supply have a double sided, thick, corner bracket which ensures your fence panels last longer. 

If that wasn't reason enough the tube used to manufacture our temporary fencing is around 33% thicker (1.2mm vs 0.9mm) than most fencing panels in this category.  We are also suppliers of temporary fencing that only uses anti-climb mesh wire to ensure that the fence panel is effective at keeping your site safe and secure and the galvanised finish means that the temp fencing is protected against rusting. 

We told you we search to bring you the very best - A superior product that’s just as cheap.

Where are Anti-Climb Temporary Fencing panels used?:

These mesh security site fencing panels are perfect for securing construction sites, often used for fencing-off site perimeters, securing equipment and directing the public away from unsafe construction site areas. They are also extremely popular form of wire event fencing and for use during maintenance work. Given that our temp fencing panels are lightweight, portable and relatively cheap they make for the perfect temporary fencing solution. 

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It is also worth noting that due to the cost of hiring temporary fencing more and more customers are taking advantage of our increasingly popular mesh fence panel stillages. These stillages, also available to purchase from Safe Fence, help you to store and transport your temporary fencing panels. This easily allows you to erect and then store these panels until they are next required. After only a few uses the initial capital outlay is rewarded as those ongoing hiring costs vanish. Moreover as damage to these panels usually takes place in transportation / when erecting the fencing, fence panels help to reduce the damage to the panels and increase their life-span. 

For a cheaper option we also supply a 2.0 meters high x 3.5 meter wide square top temporary fence panels. These temporary mesh fencing panels are manufactured using four separate lengths of tube, rather than just the two used on the safe edge design round top fence panel. However they do have a re-enforced corner bracket securing each of the corners on the fence panel to increase their durability. 


Height: 2.0 meter
Width: 3.5 meter

Weight: 17kg

Gauge: 1.2mm tubular frame

Finish: Galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 standard

Anti-climb mesh infill 250mm x 50.8mm 

Re-enforced, double sided corner brackets, welded on both sides to increase overall stregnth of the panel. 

Rolled steel section making up the frame of the panel allows for the mesh edges to be housed inside the fram, leaving no sharp edges.  


 Our Mesh Fencing product have a few particular features that make them really stand out: 
1) All of our mesh fencing products employ Safe Edge Design, removing sharp edges from the panel and eliminating the possibility of people cutting themselves on these panels. 
2) The frame is made up of 1.2mm thick galvanised steel, rather than the more commonly used 0.9mm, making it much less likely to bend and increasing it's lifespan. 
3) Double sided corner brackets, rather than the more common singular bracket mean that the panel is less flexible and therefore more easy to handle and more durable.


What is "Safe Edge Design" (SED)?


Safe Edge Design is an innovative way of designing and manufacturing fencing equipment in order to remove sharp edges that may pose a risk to the public. The curcial ingredient involves rolling circular hollow section (tube) with a small gap in it that allows objects that were previously welded to the outside of the fence panel, such as anti-climb mesh, to fit inside the fence frame. Secured inside the frame, and with no external welds, they can no longer cause harm to handlers or civilians. SED products are quickly becoming industry favourites and given there is nothing to choose in price between them and a traditional panel we can see why. 



How many Fence Couplers (Clips) and Rubber Block Fence Feet will I need?


If you are erecting round top mesh fencing panels  then as standard people purchase sets, which include one panel, two couplers (fence clips) and one rubber block fence foot. However there is a more precise way to know how many rubber block fence feet and couplers you need.


You will always need an extra foot at the end of a line of panels & two couplers to connect any panels that are connecting to one another. If you erect the fencing in a continuous line then you will need the same number of fence feet as you have number of panels and you will also require one additional rubber block fence foot for the end of your system.


To work out how many couplers you need in a continuous line then multiply the number of panels by two and then deduct two from the total. need Some installers do opt to only use one coupler (fence clip) per panel connection. We advise against this as it weakens the fencing system, however if cost saving is paramount then this is a viable alternative.


Example: If you require 35 meters of continuous fencing then you will need 10 SED Round Top Mesh Panels, 11 Rubber Block Fence Feet & 18 Couplers (fence clips). If the fence line had a break in it  then you would need 10 SED Round Top Mesh Panels, 16 Rubber Block Fence Feet & 16 Couplers.


If you are unsure then please feel free to email us at or call 0800 0432520



Round Top Vs Square Top Panels


Given there is little or no difference in the cost between round top and square top panels we’re completely sold on favoring the round top, as is most of the market. The weakest part of a mesh fencing panel of this type is the joints. By reducing the number of joints from four to two, they greatly increase the durability of the panel. Getting a longer life span for the same cost sounds good to us! 





One of the key benefits of Safe Fence Anti-Climb Round Top Panels is that they are extremely easy to install. Weight doesn’t really present an issue as they are more light enough for a single person to lift. The only difficulty is that the size of the mesh fencing panel means that they can be difficult for a single person to handle. Two persons will easily be able to move and install our Round Top Mesh Panels.


Typically people install these mesh panels by sitting them into rubber block fencing feet. These contain multiple location points in which you can insert the legs of the fencing panels. By putting two panels legs into a singular blocks installers can then use couplers, also known as fencing clips, to fix / secure the fencing panels together. We suggest using two fencing couplers (fencing clips) per join, although some users do favour using just the one.


To easily maneuver the fence panels in large quantities then consider purchasing a stillage specifically made for these panels. Fencing stillage’s avoid the risk of damaging you panels when moving them as they have forklift guides to sage direct contact with the panel, which is one of the most common forms of damage.