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Used Crowd Control Barriers - 2.3m Fixed Leg


Used Crowd Control Barriers - 2.3m Fixed Leg


A mixture of galvanised & powder coated barriers. All may have scratches & some damage - but all in good working condition. We will supply as many in a single colour as possible, but you may receive a mixture of colours depending on availability.

Please note that pictures are only indicative. 

£18.99 £22.79

Crowd control barriers (also referred to as ped barriers and crowd control barricades), are commonly used at many public events. They are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations and outdoor festivals. Event organizers, venue managers, and security personnel use crowd control barriers as part of their crowd management planning.

Crowd control barriers act as a physical and psychological barrier, used to demarcate "no access" zones, and to designate space for lines. These crowd control barriers are most effective when they interlock, being attached to each other in a line via hooks and eyes at the side of each steel barrier. When pedestrian barriers are interlocked, security personnel can create lines of barriers that are very difficult to penetrate. This is because when the ped barriers are interlocked in a long line of barriers they become stronger and cannot easily be toppled over.

Our crowd control barriers are particularly strong because they have a singular piece of tube making up the entire frame, resulting in only one join. They also have stronger than average crowd barrier legs due to the thicker gauge of steel used (1.2mm), meaning they can take the weight of people standing on them without the need for an extra support bar. This results in a crowd barrier that lasts longer, making it perfect for hiring or using multiple times, making your money go further. Combine that with an incredible label price and you have yourself a fantastic deal.

We favour this more robust barrier as damage to crowd barriers is most often caused by site machinery or the public. By choosing a barrier that uses thicker gauge steel you can dramatically increase the life span of your crowd barriers. We have found that these safety barriers are extremely popular amongst event organisers and we have supplied events ranging from agricultural shows to Motorcross races with our crowd control barriers. The ability to reuse these barriers time and time again also makes them a firm favourite for construction firms and home builders who use crowd barriers in order to more efficiently manage site work and keep both civilians and the workforce safe in and around construction works. These pedestrian barriers are also extremely popular amongst nightclubs and other busy venues to help organise and control entrance and exit. 

The fixed leg crowd control barriers have the four feet welded to the frame of the crowd barrier, these are crowd barrier legs are split to make stacking them together easy, maximising your storage space. The fixed leg crowd barrier feet also have domed ends, in order to make sure there are no sharp edges to potentially hurt someone. If you are looking for a detachable leg, most commonly favoured by people who are looking to store or transport their pedestrian barriers lying down, then you should take a look at the loose leg crowd barrier variation that we also have available for purchase direct from our website. 

We offer a range of powder coated pedestrian barriers. Some of the most popular colours we offer are: 

  • Red Crowd Control Barriers
  • White Crowd Control Barriers 
  • Black Crowd Control Barriers
  • Yellow Crowd Control Barriers
  • Blue Crowd Control Barriers 
  • Green Crowd Control Barriers
  • Pink Crowd Control Barriers 

Whether you are looking for your crowd barriers to be galvanised, painted or powder coated, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know what you want and we’ll do all the work. If your interested in advertising on your crowd barriers using specially printed banners then please get in touch

To fit alongside all of our crowd control barriers we offer a range of walkthrough crowd barriers, also known as hoop barriers, to give you a compete crowd control solution. 

  • Basic Walkthrough Crowd Barrier - the simplest and cheapest form of marking a pedestrian access point is using a basic walkthrough crowd barrier. Powder coated in red as standard these highlight crossing points in your pedestrian barrier line. 
  • Advanced Walkthrough Crowd Barrier - the advanced walkthrough crowd barrier comes fit with a bottom bar, to make the barrier more durable, and a spring-loaded gate to help control the access and flow of people through your temporary fencing barrier. 


What Makes A Good Pedestrian Safety Barrier?

Pedestrian safety barriers are versatile and used for a number of applications from improving construction site safety to effective event crowd control. What makes a “good” pedestrian safety barrier does depend on which application you are using them for but there are some general points that broadly apply across the board.


The safety barricade should be strong, allowing it to deal with the pressures exerted upon it by a large crowd or day in day out use on a construction site. The best way to ensure your crowd barrier is strong is to check the thickness (gauge) of the steel used. Typically barriers labelled as demarcation barriers are made up on thinner gauge material. Ideally effective safety barriers are made from 1.0-1.2mm thick steel.


To get the best return on your money you will want pedestrian barriers that can be used multiple times, or that are still in good enough condition to sell on once you have used them. Typically the “weakest” points on a barrier are where they are welded together. Therefore the less welds, the more durable and less likely to break the barrier is. That’s why as standard we sell the 2.3 meter fixed leg one-piece pedestrian barrier, which means the frame has a single weld, making it one of the most durable safety barriers on the market.


Crowd control barriers need to be easily stackable so that when you are not using them on site or at an event they can be transported and stored away easily without taking up excessive room. Loose leg crowd barriers have detachable legs and so are easily stackable. With fixed leg barriers you should make sure that the legs are staggered or offset to make sure that they can easily stake against one another. Offset legs on safety barriers are also important for making the crowd barriers more stable and allowing them to deal with uneven terrain that you find on most construction sites. 


Separating Pedestrians & Vehicles at Work

Barriers and markings

Effective ways to keep vehicles away from pedestrian areas include:

  • protective barriers; 
  • clear markings to set apart vehicle and pedestrians routes; and
  • raised kerbs to mark vehicle and pedestrian areas.

Where needed, provide suitable barriers or guard rails:

  • at entrances and exits to buildings;
  • at the corners of buildings; and
  • to prevent pedestrians from walking straight on to roads.

Height: 1.1m 
Width: 2.3m one-piece frame / 2.5m two-peice frame
Weight: 14kg / 16kg 
Finish: Galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 standard / Painted / Powder coated 
Tubular frame: 38.1mm dia / 1.2mm gauge circular hollow section
Tube infills: 12.7mm dia circular hollow section
Name plate: 130mm x 98mm - located in the center of the barrier



Do You Export? We export crowd control barriers and safety barriers across the world. The most common destination is the US, but we have also exported crowd barriers to countries such as Latvia & Norway. Typically these are transported in Euro Containers and we advise packing approximately 660 x 2.3m fixed leg crowd control barriers into each container. For pricing and delivery options please speak directly to a member of our team Are These Crowd Control Barriers New? All of these crowd barriers are brand new. If we ever sell used or damaged crowd control barriers then you will find them in the "offers" section of our website. We have been told that our barriers look cheap compared to many other providers. That's not because we ever sacrifice quality, rather our barriers are cheap because we specialise in fencing products and cut out the middle men dealing directly with you. As such we can buy our crowd control barriers in large volumes and pass this saving onto you, meaning you benefit from our economies of scale. What's the different between crowd control barriers, pedestrian barriers and ped barriers? The answer is simple - absolutely nothing. These are simply different names for the same product. Loose Leg Crowd Barriers vs Fixed Leg Crowd Barriers In our opinion there is very little to choose between the modern varieties of both the Loose Leg Crowd Barrier and Fixed Leg Crowd Barrier. The Loose Leg Barrier itself is cheaper than the Fixed Leg Barrier, although many people then also purchase the Loose Leg Metal Foot, which makes the set more expensive. On the whole it appears to be just a matter of preference and familiarity, which causes most people to favour one over another. Traditionally the one major advantage with a Loose Leg Barrier is that they can be easier to store, however our Fixed Leg Barriers have off set legs, which makes them much easier to store and transport then some other varieties of Fixed Leg Crowd Barriers. Quiet often the Loose Leg Barrier has also been chosen because Pedestrian Barriers made out of thin, weak material, have had the Fixed Legs flatten and separate, when weight is applied to the Barrier. As described in our product descriptions we have favoured Fixed Leg Barriers made out of stronger material to combat this, although the Loose Leg still completely removes the possibility of the legs faltering in this way.