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Folding Forklift Access Platform


Folding Forklift Access Platform

250KG Capacity Collapsible Access Platform
£668.00 £801.60

The Folding Access Platforms is an effective Forklift Attachment for undertaking inspections and when transportation and storage space are at a premium. The Platform can be assembled and after use folded in a matter of minutes with the reassurance that it has been manufactured in accordance with HSE document PM28 4th Edition. 

Standard Features 

• Entire Attachment Hinges into Floor Base • Internal Handrail

• Safety Harness Point

• Self-draining non-slip floor

• Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to truck

• Maximum fork section 150 x 50 mm at 525 centres 

• Painted bright orange for safety

Optional Features

• Safety harness 

Personal Access: Through Bars
No of Persons: 1
Platform base size L x W x H (mm): 1000 x 1000 x 1905
Capacity (kg): 250KG
Weight (kg): 95