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Elite Performance Acoustic Barrier - 40.3dB


Elite Performance Acoustic Barrier - 40.3dB

Elite performance acoustic barrier (1250mm x 2050mm) incorporates waterproof technology & a simple Velcro fastening system to avoid noise leakage. The Elite Performance Acoustic Barrier is made in the UK, making it an industry leading & durable product, designed with contractors and events organisers in mind.
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The Elite performance acoustic barrier, sits at the heart of our premium performance series of acoustic barriers & enclosures. The acoustic blankets are fire resistant & feature H20-Tech - fully waterproof technology. These acoustic barriers are also independently tested & certified to BS EN ISO 717-1 : 1997; BS EN ISO 345 : 2003; EN ISO 11654 : 1997.

The unique patent protected Velcro fastening system makes for extremely easy installation and also ensures that the system is installed without gaps between the panels through which noise could escape. This means that our noise reduction results work in practice and not just in the laboratory. 

At 5.7kg each, these acoustic blankets are lightweight, boasting an incredible attenuation-to-weight ratio. 

Our elite performance acoustic range of products are all manufactured in the UK, allowing us to maintain standards & over sight throughout the whole product process. This makes this range one of the highest quality on the market today. 

Test Date at various HZ
Hz.  250 500 1250 2500 4000 5000 Rw Value
Reduction dB 13.6 13.4 20.8 25.7 29.8 32.3 19
Absorption αs 0.11 0.26 0.56 0.49 0.37 0.36 0.35

Fire Ratings 
Acoustic Vinyl Membrane  M2 / B1 / BS / B-S2-D0 / NFPA701
Acoustic Core  Class 0 
Acoustic Mesh Membrane  M2
Printing  Water Based Ink