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Anti Bird Netting


Anti Bird Netting for Gardening offers passive protection of seeds, crops and fruit against damage caused by birds and pests. As well as providing excellent protection, this Bird Mesh also provides minimal shading and air circulation to allow plants to flourish and grow whilst avoiding the risk of dangerous mould developing on fruit.

This Anti Bird Mesh comes as a Single Stitch knitted 25mm Aperture grade monofilament net and the fabric is a lightweight, durable, supple polyethylene diamond mesh which is easy to install with supporting posts and wire frames or simply draped over your crops.

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Anti Bird Net is part of our Agrotextiles range which consists of a range of woven and knitted fabrics, nets and meshes for landscaping, horticultural and agricultural applications including weed control, weather protection and crop protection for growing season.



  • Protects fruit and vegetables
  • High tensile strength
  • UV stabilised


We have a variety of Agrotextiles products in our Geotextiles range including the popular eco-friendly Woven and Biodegradable Weed Control Membrane available in a range of sizes for long-term weed control, moisture conservation and separation. We also supply a number of various Netting and Mesh products including Anti Bird Netting, Windbreak Netting, Insect Mesh Netting and Multipurpose Extruded Netting which offer crop and plant protection from various harmful environmental factors.


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