Fencing Stabiliser & Base Plate

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Fencing Stabiliser & Base Plate

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These stabilisers connect directly to the ground, offering support to your temporary fencing. They are fitted with a swivel base plate, that has location holes which allow you to insert ground pins to hold the base plate firmly to the ground.
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£9.99 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £11.99


These metal fence stabilisers (backstay strut) are designed for stabilising steel hoarding panels. They help to prevent portable hoarding panels against being blown down in strong winds and hazardous weather conditions. These can be used for temporary anti-climb mesh panels if required as they simply fit together with the couplers that connect the fence panels together. 

There are two varieties of temporary fencing stabilisers. These are in-ground stabilisers meaning that connect from the steel hoarding or anti-climb mesh panel directly to the ground and are then secured using ground pins. They have a swivel base plate on the bottom of the fence stabiliser, which allows the stabilser base to deal with uneven terrain. These also have location punched into them which you can insert the ground pins through, holding the base plate firmly to the ground. 

The alternative is to employ a stabiliser and block tray system. In this system the stabiliser connects to a block tray, which sits on top of the ground and onto which you can add weight to support the fence panel. The in-ground solution is slightly simpler and cheaper, but a stabiliser and block tray adds more support to the fence panel and is more reliable in harsh weather conditions. 


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