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Armco Safety Barrier - 3.0mm - Set

Armco safety barriers are commonly used in car-parks and on road-ways to prevent cars from bumping into buildings, create safe walkways and help to minimise the damage of crashes.

Each set contains:

  • 1 x 3504mm Armco Safety Beam
  • 1 x Post (if selected) inc Bolt Set 
  • 8 x Lap Bolts
  • + Customisable Options for Ends

Beams - each of our Armco safety barrier beams are 3504mm long (3200mm post centres) & 3mm thick. 

We have two main types of posts, if you need something bespoke then please contact a member of our team. 

  • Base plated posts - 127,75 x 76 x 760mm
  • Dig-in posts - 127,75 x 76 x 1200mm

As optional extras we also supply a range of ends. As standard you will need two ends per run of Armco safety barriers. 

  • Fishtail ends - Galvanised
  • Pedestrian ends - Galvanised
  • Yellow safety ends 

If your Armco barrier does not run in a straight line then you will need Internal or external corners, which can also be selected as an extra option, or bought individually. 

To install your Armco barrier you will need lap bolts and posts bolts. As standard you will need 1 post bolt kit per post & you will require 8 lap bolt kits per beam & end. Please note that as standard we supply all of the bolt kits required included within the price. If you require extra bolts, than those laid out above, then please reach out to a member of our team.