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Bespoke Industrial Pallet Box


These premium Industrial Pallet Boxes come fully customisable to cater to a variety of bespoke requirements when transporting and storing goods and materials on your site. Made from durable high quality, heavy duty plastic with smooth interior walls which facilitate easy emptying, cleaning and drying when manoeuvring materials.

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Pallet Boxes come in two standard sizes (W x L x H) – Standard 1200mm x 1000mm x 740mm and Euro Size 1200mm x 800mm x 740mm. All boxes can be customised to dimensions of your choices with popular alternatives including boxes twice the standard height and boxes which are smaller than standard.

Standard size 1210 boxes can be stacked 4 units high and Euro size 1208 boxes can be stacked 3 units high.

You can order Industrial Pallet Boxes either Standard or with a Drop Front Door. Standard Pallet Boxes come without a door and Drop Front Door options can be located at the 1000mm front or the 1200mm side of the box.

Drop Doors come with a stainless bespoke hinge which fastens onto a cut-out door. The door is locked with two shoot bolts at the top which is easy to open and close. Drop door boxes are suitable and provide easier accessibility for a variety of bulk loading contents.

See our list of customisable options for your industrial pallet box below.


Customisable Options:

Drop Door – can be located on front or side

Colours Available: Grey, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Basaly Grey, Red

Drain Holes in Base


Fixed Lid Tilting Back (Gas Struts)

Half Opening Lid to Sides

Water Tight Lid Secured Shut


Double / Treble Height Pallet Box

Larger Size Box



Standard 1210: 1200mm x 1000mm x 740mm

Euro Pallet Box: 1200mm x 800mm x 740mm