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Biodegradable Silt Pocket


Biodegradable Silt Pockets are erosion and sediment pollution control devices that have been designed to detain and filter passing water, trap eroded material, reduce water velocity to scour erosion energy and encourage the settlement of silt.

Their lightweight, portable and compact design make them an excellent solution for gully erosion reinstatement, check dams, no-dig silt fence and silt traps. Each Pocket consists of a mat formed from interlocking and open-fronted pockets.

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Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Bio-Based – made from PLA Biopolymer
  • Fully Compostable
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Detains and filters passing water
  • Traps eroded material
  • Reduces water velocity and therefore scours erosion energy
  • Encourages settlement of silt
  • Quick to assemble



  • Expanded Pocket Size: 320mm wide x 320mm deep x 360mm high
  • Pocket Weight: 500g
  • Silt Entrapment Capacity: 220kg/m
  • Permeability: 78L/m2/sec
  • Pore Sie: 92 micron
  • Strength: 6.5 kN/m


Silt Pockets are commonly used as the following:

Check Dams and No-Dig Silt Fences

Used to form check dams and no-dig silt fences as a preventative measure when controlling surface erosion from sheet run-off and silt migration off-site which is a common problem to deal with in construction, farming and forestry.

Silt Pockets offer an effective way to reinstate gullies – as the pockets fill with water and trapped silt they create sediment trap check dams which slow the water flow rate and encourage the settlement of sediment allowing the land to restore for vegetation.

Silt Pockets can also be used to restore eroded tidal water wetland margins by placing them along the shoreline to trap and filter sediment from retreating tidal flow. In both instances, the Silt Pockets will biodegrade over time to naturally integrate into the soil without leaving harmful residues.


Processing Pumped Dirty Water

Silt Pockets can used to process sediment from pumped or gravity fed dirty water in a controlled manner. 


Protecting Waterways

Can be suspended below stormwater outfall pipes to trap suspended solids with compromising flow rates and to create micro catchment areas for flood mitigation downstream during storm events.

Another possible use of Silt Pockets is to suspend each Pocket in channelised flows to act as baffles and silt traps helping to control pollution from silt-laden water discharging into watercourses from side channels along with disturbed sediment during instream construction activities.


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