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Blue Road Barrier - Chapter 8


Blue Road Barrier - Chapter 8

Blue Plastic Road Barrier - Chapter 8 Compliant Barriers
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As standard plastic road barriers are supplied in hi-visibility orange. However due to their increase in popularity over recent years we now also stock and supply these chapter 8 compliant road barriers in blue. They still remain chapter 8 compliant and come fit with swivel feet to allow them to stack neatly, a red and white reflective strip to make them more visible and a simple male and female connection system. 

All of our chapter 8 barriers are made here in the UK. This means we take advantage of the highest UK quality standards and supply durable products that will stand the test of time, when compared to other products on the market. When you are investing in plant you want to make sure it will last and give you a handsome return on your investment when compared to hire rates. 

To link the blue barriers to one another you simply insert the male hook of the one barrier through the female loop on the next barrier. This allows for the barriers to be quickly and easily installed without the need for clips or fittings which may break or go missing over time. This is one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to connect barriers together and has proved our most popular. 

The chapter 8 barriers are stored lying on their side as the feet swivel 90 degrees and allow them to collapse down, maximising your storage space. This also makes them incredibly easy to transport on vehicles, making the barriers easy to move between sites. 


  • Conforms to requirements of BSEN8442
  • Reflectivity requirements of BSEN12899-1
  • Chapter 8 - The Traffic Signs Manual
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works  – A Code of Practice.
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions


Height - 1000mm

Width - 2000mm 

Depth - 50mm 

Weight - 11.2kg