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Kinnie Boot Wash


Kinnie Boot Wash


The Kinnie Boot Wash is a durable, heavy-duty booth washing device that is practical in design and simple to use. Commonly used on construction sites to uphold health and safety requirements.

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The Kinnie Boot Wash is the leading choice for boot cleaning on construction sites without the need for running water or jet streams. 


Utilising a simple design, the Boot Wash has been manufactured using 3mm heavy-duty British steel to ensure that it is durable and remains watertight during use.


The long product life and impressive durability of the Bootwash are due to several factors, each banding together to create a Shoe Washing device that is guaranteed to last.


One of these long product life guaranteeing factors is the professionally completed welding that has been finished to the highest standards. The final touch of adding an additional layer of resistance in the form of powder coating protects the Boot Wash from general wear and tear and rusting.


The brushes used within the Boot-Wash are replaceable and easy to install and remove while retaining the ability to hold the brushes securely in place when in use. This is down to the channel and nut and bolt fixing that keep the brushes in the intended location.


The brushes used are almost as robust as the Kinnie Boot Wash itself and are typically 310 mm Hard Bristle Nylon Brushes that guarantee the shoe is given a deep clean.


The process of using the Boot-Wash is straightforward as possible and will save the user time that could be better used elsewhere on site. In order to set the Boot Wash up for use, the Boot Cleaner should be filled with water and the chosen cleaning product.


Avoid exceeding the recommended fill depth of 10 litres to reduce the risk of the contents spilling outside of the BootWash.


Once ready for use, the user places their boot or shoe into the Boot Wash while still wearing the footwear and proceeds to rub the shoe against the brushes using the soapy water and brushes to remove dirt from the boor.


The design of the Boot Wash even makes the storage and transportation as easy as possible as the Boot-Wash is stackable, making it easy to relocate and manage in the smallest of environments.


Commonly used in construction, the Kinnie Boot Wash can be used in other industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and landscaping.


The Kinnie Boot Wash is highly recommended by Safe Fence, due to the long product life, impressive performance, and efficiency the Boot Wash boasts.


Available in Black and Yellow.




Delivery times can vary and are stock dependant. Average delivery times are between 24 hours and 5 working days.


If you have any questions please call us on 0121 725 2338.

Height: 300 mm

Length: 700 mm

Width: 300 mm

Brush holder: 310 mm brushes

Weight: 15 kg (Empty)

Maximum volume: 63 litres

Fill depth: 10 litres