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Brine Tank


These Heavy Duty Brine Tanks have been manufactured from extra thick MDPE walls to store Brine – a solution of salt and water, which is heavier than water.

Each tank has been rotationally moulded for extra strength and durability and have been manufactured using opaque plastic to reduce algae growth in sunlight.

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Convertible tanks are also available in our range – we have a 10,000L Tank with a Screw-down Lid which enables operators to open or close the lid when required. It is ideal when limited access is required and can also be used as an inspection hatch.

Our Total Access Tanks enable you to remove the entire top section to provide the operator with easy access to the liquid stored and putting this top section back on the tank prevents dirt and debris from entering the tank.

At Safe Fence, we supply a range of connections and fittings suitable for agricultural, commercial and domestic applications:

  • Tank Connector – provides quick and easy method of installing additional outlets and connections.
  • Valves – robust brass valves which are excellent for isolating equipment from your installation for maintenance.
  • Float Valve & Float – these control the filling of a tank so that it can be flushed.
  • Lids Options– additional Lids for greater security of your tank.




H x D


10,000L 1965mm x 2700mm 180kg 600mm Lid
10,000L (SL) 2500mm x 2400mm 200kg 600mm Lid
10,000L (Total Access) 1965mm x 2700mm 180kg Removable Lid
13,500L 2585mm x 2700mm 290kg 600mm Lid
15,000L 2610mm x 2700mm 280kg 24" Lid
15,000L (Total Access) 2900mm x 2700mm 280kg 600mm Lid
20,000L 3800mm x 2700mm 540kg 24" Vented Lid
20,000L (Total Access) 3725mm x 2700mm 400kg 600mm Lid
25,000L 4480mm x 2700mm 690kg 24" Vented Lid
25,000L (Total Access) 4480mm x 2700mm 500kg 600mm Lid


At Safe Fence, we have a range of Water Storage products which includes Potable and Non-Potable Tanks up to 25,000Las well as WRAS-approved Tanks, Insulated Water Tanks and Underground Tanks which are excellent solutions for industrial, agricultural and domestic use.


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