200 x Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barriers

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200 x Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barriers
One-piece 2.3m Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barriers

Regular Price: £4,557.60

Special Price Ex VAT: £3,598.00



With a singular piece of tube making up the entire frame, resulting in only one join, this is one of the strongest crowd barriers on the market. They also have stronger than average legs due to the thicker gauge of steel used (1.2mm), meaning they can take the weight of people standing on them without the need for an extra support bar. This results in a barrier that lasts longer, making it perfect for hiring or using multiple times, making your money go further. Combine that with an incredible label price and you have yourself a fantastic deal.


We favour this more robust barrier as damage to crowd barriers is most often caused by site machinery or the public. By choosing a barrier that uses thicker gauge steel you can dramatically increase the life span of your crowd barriers. We have found that these safety barriers are extremely popular amongst event organisers and we have supplied events ranging from agricultural shows to Motorcross races with our crowd control barriers. The ability to reuse these barriers time and time again also makes them a firm favourite for construction firms and home builders who use crowd barriers in order to more efficiently manage site work and keep both civilians and the workforce safe in and around construction works. These pedestrian barriers are also extremely popular amongst nightclubs and other busy venues to help organise and control entrance and exit. 


Height: 1.1m 

Width: 2.3m 

Weight: 14kg

Finish: Galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 standard 

Tubular frame: 38.1mm dia / 1.2mm gauge circular hollow section

Tube infills: 12.7mm dia circular hollow section

Name plate: 130mm x 98mm - located in the center of the barrier



Offset fixed legs to increase stability and strength of the barrier while making them easily stackable. 

Hook and eye system makes the barriers simple and easy to connect together. 

Top of frame punched, infill bars slotted inside the frame and secured with weld. 

One-piece tubular frame reducing the number weak spots (only one piece barrier on the market).

Thicker gauge frame and legs increases the durability of the barrier.