Titan Traffic Barrier - Chapter 8

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Titan Traffic Barrier - Chapter 8
The Titan Barrier is a one-piece injection moulded traffic barrier that is chapter 8 compliant.
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The Titan is a well-recognised and established stacking road barrier, it has all the usual advantages of standard stackable traffic barrier systems but in addition it has many unique features. Titan has undergone modifications to further improve longevity and to meet the proposed NRSWA changes effecting wind stability, set out in BS8442 when erected and assembled correctly.

One Piece Mould - The Titan has been modified to a one-piece injection moulded design made from prime grade virgin Polypropylene offering sub-zero temperature and 2 year colour fastness properties. The new design is 100% metal free and fully recyclable.

Reflective Panel - Fully reflective panel meeting EN12899-2 requirements. 

Water Apertures - Water Apertures have been added to the one-piece mould so that when they are stacked they do not collect water within the frames and therefore do not add extra weight or inconvenience.

Flexi-Coupling Clips - This new linking facility enables easy connecting and compatibility with  other styles of barriers and brands. The clip can be conveniently retained to give added rigidity.

Stable Feet - H.D. foot giving excellent surface grip. The unique design and excellent foot quality ensure that there is no need to purchase spare feet.

Anti-Trip Feet - The Titan comes as standard with Anti trip feet which has a new scalloped design to prevent pedestrian/worker accidents. They can also be painted in a high visibility yellow and feature two reflectors per foot for extra visibility in low light situations.

Stackable - The clever design allows for simple and practical storing, stacking, and unstacking.

Contractor Branding - There is a large area to allow contractor branding details to be hot-foil or embossed. The one-piece mould can be made in any colour and a three-piece version can be made with different coloured end pieces to match a corporate identity. Even the feet can be coloured to suit.

Toggles - Branding/courtesy boards can quickly be attached using easy to lock and unlock toggles.


Manufactured & Tested To The Highest Standards

Durability/Robustness - We leave the barrier after moulding for 12 hours minimum then slowly drive a 4000Kg Fork Lift Truck over it. During this test the barrier does not break, crack, split or parts come away. Some minor damage/marking is seen but the barrier is still usable. Each production batch is tested to prove that the material is to our required specification.

Stability - We carry out a 'Balance Point' test on many competitors' barriers to assess stability. Our system compares very favourably with all plastic barriers of this style and weight. The balance point of the Titan® is 45°, any angle below this and the barrier will move back to the upright position.

Pull Test - We place a spring balance in the top, centre of a single barrier, we then note the maximum reading on the balance to pull the barrier away from its vertical, rest position. For a single barrier, the figure is approximately >3.2kg. We then link 3 barrier systems together and repeat this test on the middle/central barrier, the maximum reading for this test is >7.5kg.



Height: 1000mm

Width: 2000mm 

Depth: 50mm 

Weight: 15.0 kg 

Material: Prime grade virgin Polypropylene

Colour: High Visibility Red

Feet: Anti-trip