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Concrete Ballast Block - 18.8 KG


Concrete Ballast Blocks weigh 18.8kg and are 440mm x 215mm x 140mm. These Blocks are commonly used to add weight to Ballast Trays and Base Plates in order to increase the durability and wind resistance levels of a temporary or semi-permanent fence.

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Concrete Blocks are used to add ballast to our temporary and semi-permanent fencing solutions. The Concrete Blocks are most commonly added onto systems such as our Safe Base Wind Resistance System & Fencing Stabiliser & Block Trays.

Concrete Ballast Blocks are more commonly used with solid corrugated steel portable hoarding panels, rather than with anti-climb mesh temporary fencing panels. This is because the wind loading on a mesh fencing panel is much less than that on a solid steel panel. In order to increase the stability of your temporary fencing in challenging weather conditions you add a stabiliser system which contains a ballast tray.

Typically these stabiliser systems, attach to the fence panels through the couplers that connect them together. The greater the ballast that is then added to the ballast trays (block trays) in these systems, the greater the stability of the fence line. 

Concrete Blocks are typically favoured to other forms of ballast for a variety of reasons. Firstly they are one of the most cost effective solutions. When compared to rubber blocks for instance, which only weigh 18kg each, they are a fraction of the cost and great value for money.

Concrete Blocks are also a tidy form of ballast when compared to sandbags, which can often leak, or aggregate / dirt, which spills everywhere. Finally, Concrete Ballast Blocks offer one of the simplest ways of adding weight to your temporary stabilisation systems. They are easy to lift and move and it is simply to know exactly how much weight you have added to each block tray.

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More Information

+7.0 (7.3N/mm2) Newton concrete blocks are manufactured to BS EN 771-3 from natural aggregates to BS EN 12620, pyro processed lightweight aggregates to BS EN 13055-1, and Portland cement.

  • Length: 440mm 
  • Width: 215mm 
  • Height / Depth: 150mm