Concrete Hoarding Ballast Block - 850kg

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Concrete Hoarding Ballast Block - 850kg
850kg (1200mm x 500mm x 600mm) concrete hoarding ballast blocks are compatible with traditional timber hoarding & steel hoarding panels. Ballast blocks are used to increase the strength of the hoarding system and subsequently increase the wind loading the hoarding system can withstand.
Ex VAT: £89.50 Inc VAT: £107.40


The 500mm wide profile minimizes the footprint of the concrete ballast blocks, which is beneficial when installing hoarding in pedestrianised areas and city centres, where space is limited. 

The lifting point in the top of the units can be substituted for threaded sockets, this enables steel brackets to be bolted to the hoarding blocks, to attach vertical posts. Precast holes in the blocks enable scaffolding poles to be inserted and connected to vertical bracing. No additional drilling or fixings are required to secure the hoarding to the concrete blocks. 

Features include: 

  • Chamfered edges on the concrete ballast block reduce damage during installation. 
  • Precast holes through the concrete ballast blocks allow you to secure the concrete blocks directly to the scaffolding and hoarding.
  • DEHA Spherical Head Anchor - 1no 2.5 tonne spherical head anchor in top of units for off-load & installation.