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Concrete Washout - Plug & Go

This simple plug & go concrete washout system allows you to was off concrete equipment and wagons onsite in an environmentally friendly way.

Our concrete washout system separates the solids & recycles the remaining water. This provides a closed loop system that minimalizes the environmental impact of washing out concrete equipment & vehicles onsite without the need for expensive skips & suction wagons. 

The washout system works by separating the solids from the liquid & retaining the solids in the sack, which can the be easily handled and disposed of. The sacks can hold up to 50 washes, so they are relatively low maintenance & offer a small robust solution. 

Please note that this system required a 2.2kw/2.75kva Generator or equivalent. 


  • Length - 2140mm 
  • Width - 1520mm
  • Height - 1050mm 
  • Forklift Pockets - Yes 
  • Lifting Points - Yes
  • Capacity - 500 Litres