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Corten Steel Edging – Straight


This High Grade Rustic Steel Garden Edging is used to create charming lawn edging for your outdoor garden space. Steel Edging separates your pathway from grass or plants for a clean visually appealing look.

Our Steel Lawn Edging is easy to install and can be placed in minutes when securing its positioning. While acting as a separator between two different areas, it will effectively keep your plants and garden materials in place.

We also have Internal and External Corners available.

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Ideal for:

Lawn Edging

Borders and Beds

Area Separation

Borders of driveways or Gravel Areas



To install Steel Edging in your outdoor area, you can simply dig a channel into the ground with a spade and feed your Steel Edging strip into the ground with each Edging strip overlapping to form your perimeter.

For a more robust finish to provide greater support to your Steel Edging perimeter, you can place wooden stakes on the rear side of each strip as anchor points. The wooden stakes will require you to drill holes through the face of the edging through the screw to attach the stakes to the strips.

We are able to supply you Steel Edging Strips with pre-drilled holes – please speak to our sales team today if you are interested.


Corten Steel vs Raw Steel

Corten Steel is also known as weathering steel – the atmospheric corrosion which occurs when being out in all weathers. Instead of corroding, surface oxidation occurs whereby the steel surface develops its own protective film. Over time this appears as a beautifully aged and weathered finish.

With these robust properties, Corten Steel is the more expensive option on the market when compared to our Rustic Patina Raw Steel option. Corten Steel shows rust a lot quicker than Raw Steel – Corten Steel should rust until a 6-9 month period with Raw Steel continuing to rust up until 12 months outside exposed to weather conditions.

Both of these steel options will look very similar when rusted despite Corten Steel being of higher quality. It is primarily used in construction for structures that are required for decades or centuries. Rustic Patina Raw Steel corrodes quicker than Corten Steel but still at a slow pace.


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