Standalone Crowd Barrier Gate

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Standalone Crowd Barrier Gate

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Crowd Control Barrier Standalone Gate
Price From: £74.99 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £89.99

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Price From: £74.99 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £89.99


This standalone crowd barrier gate works alongside both fixed leg crowd barrier and loose leg crowd barrier systems. They offer an access point to help you complete your crowd control system. Our standalone walkthrough crowd barrier gates are spring loaded and fitted with a slam plate, meaning that they are durable enough to help you manage large amounts of civilian traffic safely. These gates also have a slide bolt lock fitted to them allowing you to close the crowd barrier gate and lock it if required. 

To fit alongside all of our crowd control barriers we offer a range of other walkthrough pedestrian barriers, also known as hoop barriers, to give you a compete crowd control solution. 

  • Basic Walkthrough Crowd Barrier - the simplest and cheapest form of marking a pedestrian access point is using a basic walkthrough crowd barrier. Powder coated in red as standard these highlight crossing points in your pedestrian barrier line. 
  • Advanced Walkthrough Crowd Barrier - the advanced walkthrough crowd barrier comes fit with a bottom bar, to make the barrier more durable, and a spring loaded gate to help control the access and flow of people through your temporary fencing barrier. 
  • Heavy Duty Walkthrough Crowd Barrier - the ultimate walkthough barrier is our heavy duty version. This is manufactured using thicker square hollow section steel, rather than circular tube, and is most commonly found on construction sites where durability is vital. 

Loose Leg

The loose leg system comes with specially made base plates to allow your loose leg barriers to connect directly to the standalone gate.

Fixed Leg

The fixed leg system comes with a simple hook & eye connection on either end of the standalone gate allowing you to connect your fixed leg pedestrian barriers to the gate.


  • Spring loaded & mesh fill security gate 
  • Slam plate
  • Support railings 
  • Weighted back plate