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Drum SpillPallets

"Spill pallet for 205 litre Drum Removable platform for easy sump access and cleaning Complies with Oil Storage Regulation Compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks* Low sump for ideal working height Fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilized PE NOTE * Remove drums before fork lifting"
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Our variety of Drum Spill Pallets provide an ideal quarantine area for leaking or damaged drums on your site. They have been designed for safe bunded storage of 200L drums and smaller containers – both indoor and outdoor.

They are critical for preventing liquid spillage into the environment from drum containers – this liimits the potential for ground contamination. The Spill Pallets are made from weatherproof fully recyclable, chemical-resistant PE and are compliant with Oil Storage Regulations from the Environment Agency.

Each Spill Pallet has removable grid decks to enable easy cleaning and they are compatible with forklifts and pallet trucks once drums have been removed and sumps emptied.

Our range includes heavy duty hardcover Spill Pallets which come manufactured from rigid, double walled, chemical-resistant, weather-tight PE and tough sliding shutters. They have been designed with a tall headspace for pumps and funnels and side panels with storage compartments. Each unit comes lockable with stainless steel fixings and can be bolted down (bolts not supplied).

Dimensions (W x D x H):

1x Drum: 1200mm x 1200mm x 120mm

1x Drum – Value: 1200mm x 1200mm x 120mm

1x Drum – Cabinet: 720mm x 920mm x 1840mm

2x Drum: 1300mm x 750mm x 440mm

2x Drum Recycled: 1270mm x 870mm x 160mm

2x Drum Hardcover: 1570mm x 1000mm x 2110mm

3x Drum: 1790mm x 780mm x 240mm

4x Drum: 2450mm x 660mm x 270mm

4x Drum – Recycled: 1220mm x 1620mm x 160mm

4x Drum – Square: 1380mm x 1290mm x 280mm

4x Drum – Hardcover: 1570mm x 1620mm x 2110mm

Max Load:

1x Drum: 400kg

1x Drum – Value: 1000kg

1x Drum – Cabinet: n/a

2x Drum: 650kg

2x Drum Recycled: 900kg

2x Drum Hardcover: 650kg

3x Drum: 900kg

4x Drum: 1250kg

4x Drum – Recycled: 900kg

4x Drum – Square: 1250kg

4x Drum – Hardcover: 1250kg

Sump Volume:

1x Drum: 250L

1x Drum – Value: 120L

1x Drum – Cabinet: 250L

2x Drum: 250L

2x Drum Recycled: 135L

2x Drum Hardcover: 250L

3x Drum: 228L

4x Drum: 235L

4x Drum – Recycled: 250L

4x Drum – Square: 250L

4x Drum – Hardcover: 250L