Edge Protection Barrier

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Edge Protection Barrier
An industry leading lightweight & easy to install steel edge protection barrier with impact-absorbing capacity, welds that can withstand a force of 500kg and full debris containment toe board.
Price From: Ex VAT: £68.37 Inc VAT: £82.04
Price From: Ex VAT: £68.37 Inc VAT: £82.04


Our edge protection barriers are fitted with unique features that make them market leaders as these clever barriers incorporate guardrails, toeboards and debris mesh into one single lightweight steel mesh barrier. 

Toeboards are required to stop from debris from falling over the edge and causing a potential fall hazard. In order to make our edge protection barriers as safe as possible they are fitted with the superior closed return toeboard. This means that the toeboard covers the bottom return of the edge protection barrier giving better debris containment when installed outside of the working surface. 

Strength and durability are key featured of our edge protection barriers as all of them are manufactured with reinforced edges, this reinforced flat bar makes them extremely strong and protects the integrity of the edge protection barrier from being compromised during handling and transportation. The manufacturing process behind these edge protection barriers is also automated, ensuring quality, precision and reliability. 

Our edge protection barriers are light (under 20kg), making them incredibly each to carry, manoeuvre and handle on site. 

The expansive wide range of edge protection systems, including barriers, posts & attachments make this one of the most versatile systems available. This edge protection & fall safety system has been designed to span trades, accommodating for a range of different edge protection needs by simply using different combinations of barriers, posts and attachments. 

Powder-Coated Finish - Gives you an aesthetically pleasing edge protection barrier system & helps to guard against corrosion, giving your barrier a longer life span. 

Complies with and exceeds many of the UKs regulations for edge protection barriers, including complying with EN 13374 Class A, B, C. 

In the UK all of our edge protection barrier systems are designed to work with circular attachments and variants, as is industry standard, although we can supply square variants for our edge protection systems if required, as used mainly in the Nordics and Germany.