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Erosion Control Techmat P500SL

22mm Polypropylene geomat, supplied in a range of widths at 50m long.
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TECHMAT P500SL is a polypropylene soil erosion control matting consisting of a flexible lightweight, high void ratio, three dimensional geomat obtained from extruded monofilaments tangled and welded where they cross.

TECHMAT P500SL provides both an effective erosion control surface and vegetative root reinforcement layer. It is a non-biodegradable mat to assist permanent vegetation growth.

Geogrid reinforced or Steel Reinforced versions are available for heavier duty applications.

Specification MD/CMD:

  • Tensile Strength - Min >1.8/>0.5 MPa/Kg/cm²
  • Extension At Max Load - >50/>50 %