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European Hardwood Bog Mats


European Hardwood Bog Mats

European Hardwood Bog & Ground Protection Mats. Most Commonly Made Using Sustainably Sourced European Oak, These Timber Mats Are The Most Cost Effective Bog Mat Solution

Our EU Mats are made from European Oak and Beech. It’s durability and hardwearing qualities, along with its minimal ground disturbance when used for temporary roadway applications, make it one of the most widely used timbers in the market. European timber bog mats are the most common on the UK market, as they are slightly cheaper than their tropical counterparts as the timber is more accessible & affordable. However tropical bog mats do have particular features that make them suitable in certain circumstance. For instance Ekki bog mats are renowned for their strength. 

Excavator / Crane Mats are used to provide access for both rubber and tracked vehicles to areas with difficult ground conditions. They are also used to reduce axle weight pressures and reduce the risk of damage where access is required over underground services.

European Bog Mats can be manufactured to bespoke requirements, but the most common bog mat sizes are: 

  • Bog Mat Depths: 70mm -> 200mm 
  • Bog Mat Lengths: 3000mm -> 6000mm 
  • Bog Mat Widths: 1000mm 

The most common bog mats overall are: 

  • 70mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 
  • 100mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 
  • 140mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 
  • 200mm x 1000mm x 5000mm 

Bog Mat Strength Classes

  • Ekki – D70 
  • Okan – D60 
  • Dabema – D50 
  • Oak / Beech (European Hardwood) – D30