Expandable Safe Gate

Expandable Safe Gate
Expandable safety gates are used for crowd and traffic control. They take up little room when closed and extend out to lengths up to 4.0 Meters.
Price From: Ex VAT: £420.00 Inc VAT: £504.00
Price From: Ex VAT: £420.00 Inc VAT: £504.00


Expandable Safe Gates come in yellow and are available in 1.3 meter and 1.8 meter heights. The Safe Fence expandable barriers extend either 2.1 meters or 4.0 meters wide depending on the type that you purchase, however multiple expandable barriers can be connected to one another in order to form a longer barrier. 

These expandable barriers are often used at site entrances and in areas where space is tight. That is why you will most commonly see them at site entrances & in places like the London underground. The safety barriers are incredibly easy and quick to deploy, making them fantastic for crowd control & for implementing strict safety measures. 

The expandable barriers come with wheels which each allow them to be moved around and to be opened up and retracted once in place. These wheels at either end of the safety barriers also have locks on, which allow you to fix the barriers in a position when required. The barriers also come fit with a lock and key. This lock allows you to connect one expandable barrier to another when you are looking to form a longer chain, but it also allows you to lock the gate shut when it is unattended and you want it to remain fixed in its position. 

Expanable barrier widths when closed: 

  • 1.3 x 2.1m @ 47.5cm 
  • 1.3 x 4.0m @ 83.0cm 
  • 1.8 x 2.1m @ 48.5cm
  • 1.8 x 4.0m @ 83.0cm