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Hoarding Panel Infills

Fill gaps between your hoarding fence panels with our Infills.
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Hoarding Panel Steel Infills fit between temporary hoarding panels in order to conceal the gap between them. This gives you a clean and professional finish, while also giving you more privacy and improving security. They are connected to your portable hoarding system using two couplers (fence clips) per infill. The couplers hold the portable hoarding panels together, whilst also keeping the steel hoarding infills firmly in place. 

Infills can be painted or powder coated in corporate colours to give you a professional finish and make your development stand out from the crowd. We also offer the steel infills in 2.0m and 2.4m heights to match the height of your portable hoarding panels. 

Length: 2.0m (1780mm Actual) / 2.4m (2100mm Actual) 

Gauge: 0.75mm

Material: Galvanised Steel