Block Trays

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Block Trays
Add stabilisers and block tray for extra wind loading.
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Stabilisers and Block Trays can be used to add support to both Mesh Security Fencing and Portable Steel Hoarding. We suggest using one Stabiliser and Block Tray on every other fence panel, however if your site may suffer from particularly high winds or hazadous weather conditions then you may wish to use use one for every fencing panel. The Block Trays are made from 4.0mm steel to give you a platform onto which extra ballast can be loaded. These Block Trays are then bolted to a Stabiliser, which is in turn connected directly to the fencing panels. This is a very quick and easy solution for extra wind loading.

There are two varieties of stabilisers. These stabilisers are designed to connect directly from the fence panel to block trays. In this system the stabiliser connects to a block tray, which sits on top of the ground and onto which you can add weight to support the fence panel. The alternative is to use an in-ground stabiliser, which connect from the fence panel directly to the ground and are then secured using ground pins. The in-ground solution is slightly simpler and cheaper, but a stabiliser and block tray adds more support to the fence panel and is more reliable in harsh weather conditions.