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Fish Box


Our impressive range of robust fish boxes are ideal for a number of applications across the supply chain in the fishing industry. Fish storage boxes are typically used at sea and on shore for catching, processing and trading fish.

Made in the UK using pure PE, these fishboxes have a long lifespan due to their extremely low breakage rate because of the high manufacturing quality. They are impact resistant when being used and boast arrow marking for them to be easily stacked.

They come standard fitted with a Craemer drainage system to allow efficient drainage on the front side of the fish box and no water is collected after washing thanks to the optimised base geometry it has been designed with.

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Colours: Blue, White

Options Available:

  • integration of RFID transponder for full net-to-plate traceability in selected boxes
  • Perforated side walls for 20kg fish box
  • Lid for 25kg fish box
  • With or without base openings
  • Inidividual marking by own colour or labelling


15L Fishbox:

Dimensions: 600mm x 400mm x 125mm

Internal Dimensions: 493mm x 370mm x 100mm

Payload: 10kg


20L Fishbox:

Dimensions: 600mm x 400mm x 155mm

Internal Dimensions: 490mm x 365mm x 125mm

Payload: 15kg


35L Fishbox:

Dimensions: 800mm x 450mm x 190mm

Internal Dimensions: 645mm x 400mm x 180mm

Payload: 20kg


40L Fishbox:

Dimensions: 800mm x 400mm x 225mm

Internal Dimensions: 670mm x 340mm x 220mm

Payload: 25kg


60L Fishbox:

Dimensions: 800mm x 450mm x 270mm

Internal Dimensions: 645mm x 400mm x 260mm

Payload: 40kg


75L Fishbox:

Dimensions: 890mm x 560mm x 235mm

Internal Dimensions: 725mm x 495mm x 228mm

Payload: 50kg