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Forklift Scissor Grab - 2500kg


Forklift Scissor Grab - 2500kg

2500kg Capacity Mechanical Forklift Mounted Scissor Grab
£1,695.00 £2,034.00
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Specifically designed to lift, move and release the smaller packs to that of the Mechanical Forklift Scissor Grab - 1800kg – Double block layers, kerbs, flags etc. – this unit is fully automatic when used in conjunction with a Forklift Locating Yoke and whilst the driver remains within the safety of his forklift cab. 

Span (mm)  Free Height (mm)  Jaw Length (mm)  Capacity (kg)  Weight (kg)  C of G (mm) 
500 - 970 400 1200 2500 210 600


 Standard Features

• External handles for ease of positioning

• Fixed internal pack height

• Profiled hooks for attachment of optional safety net 

• Fully automatic mechanism

• Segmented interchangeable rubber pads

• Painted bright orange for safety