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GB2 Barrier


GB2 Barrier

Heavy duty water barriers weighing 350kg when filled, with a working length of 2000mm & a range of steel fence extensions.
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A cost-effective and highly durable barrier, the GB2 Water Filled Barrier provides an extremely visible means of providing safety.

Featuring an easy to use hook and eye connection system that is present across the entire range, the GB2 barrier collection is effortless to use, saving time and labour costs across all industries.

This particular water filled barrier is a popular model for the construction and traffic management industries but remains suitable for other sectors such as demolition, events, and security. This is due to its resilient heavy-duty design and multi-application capabilities.

Partnered with the multiple accessories and extensions available for purchase on Safe Fence, the GB2 water filled barrier can be adapted to suit a wide selection of differing purposes. Used in combination with the mesh, mesh and hoarding, or solid clad hoarding extensions, the separator barrier will easily prevent easy access to restricted areas with an additional height of 1400mm added to the original GB2 barrier height of 900mm.

For those needing an even greater height, additional mesh add ons are also available, providing an extra 400mm, combining for a staggering 2700mm.

As with many of the other water filled barriers available on Safe Fence, the GB2 barrier has other accessories within its range. For situations where vehicles are present the range also offers vehicle gates alongside pedestrian gates for more common scenarios.

As mentioned previously, the GB2 water filled barriers benefit from being highly visible. Red and white, the barriers remain vibrant in all environments and weather conditions. A much better option than using cones that are difficult to see from a distance, these water filled barriers provide a much-needed improvement on old methods and are guaranteed to improve the safety of any site.

Easy to transport and even easier to store, the GB2 water filled barrier has been designed with forklift transportation in mind and has forklift guides on the underside of the barrier.

When considering the use of barriers for semi-permanent installations, the interlocking hook and eye system deserves high recognition. Weighing only 32kg when empty, barriers can be moved by two people with ease, allowing for effortless relocation.

The connection system present on the GB2 barrier allows the water filled barriers to be used on terrains where many other products would falter. Thanks to its lock and pin function, the barriers can be set up to create corners at 35° angles. The barriers are also suitable for use across uneven surfaces.

The GB2 Barrier also comes with the option to purchase a GB2 Fence Extension Connection Set to install your Fence Panel extensions with Fence Posts – each set consists of 2x M10 Bolts and 4x Washers. When installing the fence extensions, we recommend using 2 Connection Sets per post and each barrier requiring a post and one additional post at the end in total to set up. For example, 10 Barriers requires 11 posts meaning you will need 22 Connections Sets to install.

When filled to the maximum capacity of 318 litres, the GB2 barrier weighs a hefty 350kg, making it suitable for a diverse range of uses. Heavy-duty and robust, when filled with water the barrier can withstand winds of up to 78mph when used as a stand-alone barrier.

This has been certified through rigorous MIRA wind tunnel testing, so rest assured that each barrier can endure most weather conditions more than adequately.

A fantastic product in its own right, the GB2 is not the only magnificent product in the range, with the RB2000 and RB22water filled barriers also excellent barriers.

Environmentally friendly, these water filled barriers are recyclable, making them an ethical choice as well as a logical one.

Available for purchase and hire, the GB2 water filled barriers are sold individually at the price quoted. Each unit accounts for one barrier. Additional extensions and accessories are also sold individually.

Safe Fence stock a wide-range of Road Barriers, Traffic Management Equipment, Water Filled Barriers & Road Signs conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

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More Information

Length: 2325 mm
Height: 900mm
Width: 400mm
Working Length: 2000
Weight: 32kg (Empty)
Weight: 350kg (Filled)
Fill Capacity: 318 litres
Max Angle (Deg): 35
Colours: Red/White
Fill/Drain Holes (mm): 95 / 25
Fork Channels (mm): 2 X 200 X 90
Confirmed Wind Speed: 78mph