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Geocomposite Drainage - Techdrain


Techdrain geocomposite drainage is comprised of a cuspated HDPE core offering high strengths and high flow rates and a geotextile filter layer on one or both sides. Techdrain can be utilised to provide effective drainage in a wide variety of applications from highway embankments to residential foundations.

Compared with the traditional stone drainage layers, Techdrain geocomposites are much thinner whilst maintaining excellent flow capacity. This offers huge cost and environmental savings on importing and placing expensive fill. Reductions in excavation can be achieved against traditional construction methods and easy and quick manual installation offers further savings on plant & labour.

Techdrain can be used either horizontally or vertically in partially or fully buried structure applications such as bridge abutments, basement walls and behind retaining walls, giving high performance flow whilst maintaining its integrity even under extreme loads.