Ground Protection Mats - EuroTrak Heavy Duty

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Ground Protection Mats - EuroTrak Heavy Duty

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50+ Tonnes EuroTrak mats are incredibly well placed ground protection & access mats. There is not currently another ground mat available in the UK that can hold up to 50+ tonnes for under £100.00. It also has a unique surface, with one side being designed as a non-slip surface for pedestrians and the other a non-skid deep traction surface for vehicles.
£99.50 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £119.40
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£99.50 Excl. VAT Incl. VAT: £119.40


EuroTrak Heavy Duty mats can be used over soft or sensitive ground for loads up to 50 tonnes. Our range of ground protection mats are essential for the construction, civil engineering and groundwork industries, although they are also very popular in the events sectors to use as temporary driveways and to form parking area ground pads. Most commonly these mats are used to both protect and re-enforce the surface below them, whether that be grass, concrete or something else. 

Our ground protection mats are manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) and are weight tested to a maximum point load of 50 tonnes. These mats are ideal for both short and long term projects providing access for both heavy plant and machinery, but also work personnel and the public. EuroTrak HD Mats have strategically positioned hand holes which makes them easy to off-load from trucks or pallets. Their lightweight but heavy duty nature, also reduces transport costs, as well as enabling quick and easy installation by two men. 

EuroTrak ground protection mats have a highly engineered with two different surfaces that make the mats suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle access ways. On the one side of the ground mat there is a ‘anti-slip’ surface, this substantially improves the grip and reduces side way slippage, even in the most challenging weather or ground conditions. The other side has a deep traction 'anti-skid' surface, which is especially designed for heavy machinery and large vehicles to drive over. 

EuroTrak ground protection mats can be connected together using our simple but yet effective Metal Hand Connector. On muddy or slippery surfaces you may also wish to use heavy duty U pins to fix the ground mats drectly to the floor and help to hold them in place when vehicles are driving over them. 

Key Features 

  • Size –2.4m x 1.2m x 15mm 
  • Material – 100% recycled polyethylene 
  • Weight – 44kg per mats 
  • 6 Hand holes for easy handling and installation 
  • Maximum weight loading – 50+ tonnes (depending on ground conditions) 
  • Unique ‘non-slip’ surface for optimal grip along with additional pedestrian surface 
  • Unique Hand Hole Connectors 
  • Avoids health and safety issues 
  • Avoids property, heritage and environmental damage and reinstatement 
  • Avoids vehicles becoming bogged down 
  • Low transportation and handling costs 
  • Various connection options for different ground conditions and equipment