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Safe Plate - Hi Vis Road Plate


Safe Plate - Hi Vis Road Plate

Safe Fence have developed the Safe Plate, in order to make road & floor plates more visible to pedestrians and drivers. Mainly used in pedestrianised & slow moving traffic areas, these steel plates have an anti-slip surface & hi-visibility paints applied to the lip in order to raise awareness to the potential trip hazard & dangers around you.
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Safe Fence offer a range of high visibility road plates & floor plates. Suitable for both vehicles and pedestrians to pass over these steel plates are fitted with an anti-slip surface and hi-visibility paint.

Our road plates are made of mild steel and we supply them in a range of steel gauges & plate sizes in order to best suit your needs. We recommend using 13mm thick steel road plates for regular pedestrian use and the thicker 19mm steel road plates for motorists.

All of our road plates are supplied with a hole in each of the four corners of the road plate, which are also known as road plate lifting eyes. This allows for the steel road plates to be chained for easier handling when placing and removing the road plates. The eyes on the road plate are approximately 60mm in dia and located 50mm from the edge of the steel road plate. We are able to deliver the road plates directly to site using hiab vehicles. This means that the specially trained drivers can chain then anti-slip road plates, through their lifting eyes, and lift them directly into place for you.

Manufacturing Anti-Slip Road Plate:

  • Mild steel road plates firstly have a hole cut into each of the four corners. These are most commonly cut using plasma cutting machines and are normally around 60-70mm in diameter and placed 50mm from the edges of the steel plate. These can be hand cut, but plasma cutters give a more professional and clean cut finish. Plasma cutting involves forcing a compressed gas (oxygen, air, inert and others depending on material being cut) through a focused nozzle at high speed toward the steel road plate. This is most common method of cutting thick steel road plates.
  • The road plates are then covered in a paint which sticks to the plate and acts as an adhesive for the aggregate which creates the anti-slip surface.
  • Once the paint covers the pain you then spread your aggregate onto the road plate. Note that you can not use bauxite, which is used as the aggregate for our anti-skid road plates, because these granules are too large and will not be held by the paint. Instead a finer aggregate is used.
  • Finally leave the anti-skid road plates to dry for up to 4 hours and then you are ready to go.

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