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Hire - KKD Sheet Piles

Our KKD Sheet Piles are available For Hire in the UK today! KKD 600/6 over lapping trench sheets are our most popular heavy duty standard lap trench sheets. They are used during excavation works as a way to shore up ground works and hold back ground, stopping the walls of the excavations from caving in. As they are 6mm thick, they are usually used for deeper excavations than our 3.5mm standard lap trench sheets are used for.

Trench sheets are used to shore up trenches & ground works whilst excavation works take place in order to provide a safe working environment. The sheets are primarily designed to be handled and installed by excavators using the bucket to drive the sheets vertically into the ground.

These KKD 600/6 trench sheets are popular because they are a durable heavy duty standard lap trench sheet at 6mm thick, whilst still being relatively easy to handle and install. KKD trench sheets are installed side by side, with the edge of one KKD trench sheet overlapping the next trench sheet. The effective width of the KKD 600/6 trench sheets is 600mm. This means that when working out how many KKD sheets are needed for an excavation you simply work out the total distance required, convert it to millimetres & divide by 600. 


  • Effective Width = 600mm 
  • Depth = 78mm 
  • Thickness = 6.0mm 
  • Cross sectional area per sheet = 48.8cm2
  • Steel grade = S275JR