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Safe Hoarding Ballast System

The Safe Hoarding Ballast System incorporates a single heavy-duty block tray system, that allows you to add significant ballast to your temporary site hoarding system. This easy to install ballast tray system increases the wind resistance & stability of your temporary fencing.
£49.99 £59.99

Adding ballast, in a sensible way to your hoarding system, greatly increases its wind resistance & is often required in order to obtain a complete temporary works design. The Safe Hoarding Ballast System is one of the most popular ways of stabilising solid steel temporary hoarding panels. It incorporates a channel at the front of the heavy-duty block tray which allows the hoarding panels to sit in. This channel removes the requirement for a thermoplastic rubber fence foot & also allows for adjustment to help your hoarding system deal with uneven ground. 

Our Safe Hoarding Ballast System also incorporates a anti-lift bracket. This anti-lift bracket is welded to the heavy-duty block tray. The hoarding panels are then coupled together through this anti-lift bracket effectively locking the hoarding stabiliser & the hoarding panels together. This makes the temporary fencing system more secure as the panels cannot be removed from the stabilising system. 

The Safe Hoarding Ballast System uses a single heavy-duty block tray that houses the hoarding panels at the front and onto which you can add ballast. This stabilisation system differs from the Wates Ballast Hoarding System & the Safe Base Wind Resistance System, which both use a double block tray system. The advantage of a single tray ballast system is that they are easier to install, therefore reducing labour time & costs. This makes the Safe Hoarding Ballast System a more cost effective system for stabilising a solid steel temporary fence. 

Temporary works designs can be drawn up for this wind resistance system upon request. For a costing & as temporary work designs must be made site specific then please reach out to a member of the Safe Fence team with your site requirements & details. 

The Safe Hoarding Ballast System includes the following components: 

  • 1 x Heavy-Duty Block Tray - Solid Steel (Self Colour) - Extends 1300mm Back From Panel
  • 1 x Anti-Trip Channel For Housing The Hoarding Panel **Includes Anti-Lift Bracket** (Painted Black)
  • Stabilising Arm (Galvanised) - 2.1m Long End To End