Mesh Hoarding Panel Extension

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Mesh Hoarding Panel Extension
The fencing panel extensions are used to give an additional layer of safety without greatly increasing the wind load on the fencing system.
Ex VAT: £21.50 Inc VAT: £25.80


Mesh Hoarding Panel Extensions are used to give your temporary hoarding system an extra layer of security without vastly increasing the wind loading on the fence panels. The mesh fence height extension can deter people from trying to climb your hoarding fence panels or from passing items over the top of them. The mesh infill makes for a lightweight extension which is extremely easy to install straight into the top of one of our portable hoarding fence panels, while easily allowing for wind to pass through meaning there is no extra exertion applied to the panel as a whole. 

The mesh hoarding extensions slot into the top of your portable hoarding panels. The dia of the tube used to manufacture these extensions is slightly smaller than the tube making up the side of the hoarding panels. This allows them to simply & securely slot into the top of the hoarding panel without any need for extra fixtures or fittings. 

The mesh hoarding panel extension gives you an added height of 500mm to your fence line. That means that when added to 2.0m high hoarding panels, the total height becomes 2.5m and when added to 2.4m high panels the overall height becomes 2.9m. 


Width: 2.1m (made to fit directly into our portable hoarding fence panels)
Height: 50cm
Infill: Mesh