Estate Fence Railings @ £35.99 Per Meter

Estate Fence Railings @ £35.99 Per Meter
Our 1.0m high premium estate fencing comes in 2.0 meter bays, making it only £35.99 per linear meter. Our estate railings are galvanised and then powder coated black to give it two layers of protection against corrosion & rust, giving it a long life span. We keep these bays in stock ready to be delivered on a next day or two day delivery service.
Ex VAT: £71.98 Inc VAT: £86.38
Ex VAT: £71.98 Inc VAT: £86.38


Estate Railings offer a traditional form of permanent fencing, which is once again becoming increasingly popular. In particular new builds are commonly choosing estate railing over other forms of fencing due to its aesthetically pleasing nature & incredible value for money. We offer estate railings with circular hollow section rails as standard, this is because estate railings with flat rails tend to damage and twist more easily. The circular rails are more robust, while still allowing you to shape the estate fencing bays to fit the contours required. Our standard estate railings are kept in stock, powder coated black, ready to be with you on a next day or two-day service. If you require a different type of estate railings than the one we offer on the website then please email us at: or call 0800 0432520 and we will be able to send you a bespoke quotation. 

Our estate railings are supplied in 2000mm wide bays. These bays have a post on each end and a support leg in the centre of the bay. These estate fencing posts are manufactured using 40mm x 8mm flat steel bars. They are dug into the ground (500mm) deep and normally concreted in to hold them firm in place. The centre support leg is also dug into the ground to supply further support to the estate fencing bay. The bays either side are connected using simple fixings that come with your estate railings. The posts sit flush to one another, being concreted into the same holes, giving the fencing a continuous and complete finish. 

Standard Specification: 

  • 2000mm Wide Bays 
  • 1000mm High (1500mm Overall / 500mm In-Ground) 
  • 40 x 8 Flats, 3 per bay - Posts  
  • 20mm dia CHS, 5 no. per bay - Rails
  • Galvanised & PPC RAL 9005 Black 

This type of fence is ideal for large estates, farm land and private gardens and has a traditional look which will not look out of place in any setting. All of our premium estate railings are galvanised and then powder coated black to give them two layers of protection against corrosion & rust, giving this type of fencing an incredibly long-life span. 

Overview Of Estate Fencing & Railings 

Traditionally estate railings were seen as the most cost-effective way of fencing off an estate perimeter. Today they are once again incredibly popular as a form of domestic railings. To make them easier to install our estate railings are supplied in pre-fabricated two meter bays that simply bolt to one another, rather than in long individual pieces that used to be pieced together, fabricated and painted on site. Estate railings as standard come with vertical flat steel posts and either flat horizontal infill bars or circular hollow section tubes. The circular tubes are becoming more popular as they are stronger and are less likely to twist than the flat steel bars. Estate railings traditionally have 4/5 infill bars or tubes, the spacing between which varies depending upon the manufacturer.  

There are two main estate fencing finishes. The first is to leave the mild steel railings exposed to the elements. Over time the fence line will rust giving it a rustic finish as the steel oxidises, turning a dark red / orange colour. This is popular for use around estate boundaries as it is in keeping with the countryside, however the weather will corrode the fencing over time, reducing the fences longevity. The alternative is to galvanise the estate railings and then powder coat them (normally black). This dual layer of protection greatly increases the life span of the fencing, whilst giving it an ascetically pleasing look. This is used largely for new builds and around domestic environments such as drive ways and private gardens.