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IBC Spill Pallet – Single


Single Spill Pallet for safe and secure IBC bund storage. These Spill Containment Pallets are truck and forklift compatible making them easily tranportable around your site. Manufactured from 100% recycled weatherproof PE construction, they can be used indoor or outdoor.

We also have a Double IBC Spill Pallet and Drum Spill Pallets available in our Spill Containment range.

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For safe and secure bunded single IBC storage, we have a small number of variations of IBC Spill Pallets with impressive add-ons also available. These stands are ideal for storing various acids, alkaline solutions, oils and non-hazardous chemical substances.

Our two spill pallet options are the Integral Dispensing Well and Removable Deck (available in two sizes) and be used both indoor and outdoor.

The Integral Dispensing Well supports contained storage of one 1000L IBC and has a sump containment 1100L. Its raised dispensing area is able to catch leaks from dispensing with a 10L mini-sump. It can be ordered with an optional flexible rain cover with front access to your IBC and a Platform Support Post to fully support heavy IBC loads on the platform deck.

The tough Removable Platform Deck is available in two different sizes for your IBC storage. The platform comes with hand inserts and holes for inspection and pump insertion. It is easy to maintain and clean and is compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks.

Our Removable Deck option is available to order with a chemical-resistant Overflow Tray to catch leaking fluids or chemicals from the dispenser and a Dispenser Tray to clip on to the top edge of the Spill Pallet – if it becomes full, the liquid flows back into the sump. These add-ons are easy to clean and install onto your main pallet.

These Spill Pallets are eco-friendly manufactured using 100% recyclable weatherproof PE construction and is compliant with Oil Storage Regulations.



Integral Dispensing Well: 1490mm x 2000mm x 770mm

Removable Deck – Standard: 1450mm x 1450mm x 1000mm

Removable Deck – Large: 1680mm x 1680mm x 700mm

Removable Deck – with Framed Cover: 1680mm x 1680mm x 2710mm


Max Load:

Integral Dispensing Well: 2000kg

Removable Deck – Standard: 2000kg

Removable Deck – Large: 2500kg

Removable Deck – with Framed Cover: 2500kg


Sump Volume:

Integral Dispensing Well: 1100L

Removable Deck – Standard: 1100L

Removable Deck – Large: 1260L

Removable Deck – with Framed Cover: 1260L


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