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Industrial Water Tank


Industrial Water Tank


These versatile Non-Potable Industrial Water Tanks have been manufactured to suit a range of needs and industries. Rotationally moulded for strength and durability, these tanks are suitable for commercial use or agricultural rainwater harvesting.

These Industrial Water Storage Tanks can be used outdoors and are frost-proof meaning they won't crack in the cold and their opaque plastic construction reduces algae growth in sunlight.

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Common Usages:

  • Chemical Storage Tank
  • Buffer Tank
  • Batch Cement and Concrete
  • Waste Water Tank
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Holding Tank
  • Dump Tank
  • De-icing tank
  • Construction applications

At Safe Fence, we supply a range of connections and fittings suitable for agricultural, commercial and domestic applications:

  • Tank Connector – provides quick and easy method of installing additional outlets and connections.
  • Float Valve & Float – these control the filling of a tank so that it can be flushed.
  • Valves – robust brass valves which are excellent for isolating equipment from your install for maintenance.
  • Lids Options– additional Lids for greater security of your tank.
  • Insulation Kit – used to provide frost protection during periods of extremely cold weather.
  • Tank Level Gauge – designed to measure water tank level.




H x D


10,000L 2500mm x 2400mm 200kg 600mm Lid
13,000L 2585mm x 2700mm 290kg 600mm Lid
20,000L 3725mm x 2700mm 400kg 600mm Lid
25,000L 4480mm x 2700mm 500kg 600mm Lid


At Safe Fence, we have a range of Water Storage products which includes Potable and Non-Potable Tanks up to 25,000Las well as WRAS-approved Tanks, Insulated Water Tanks, Underground Tanks and Brine Tanks which are excellent solutions for industrial, agricultural and domestic use.


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