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Insect Mesh Netting


Insect Mesh Netting has been designed to exclude harmful insects from places like greenhouses and to keep pollinating insects inside. This polyethylene monofilament mesh has a clear, woven and knitted construction to protect plants from insect attacks without the need for insecticides which can result in viruses, malformation, damage and reductions in both quality and quantity.

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Insect Mesh Nets can be placed over access points of greenhouse entrances and exits to prevent pollinating insects such as bumblebees from escaping. Insect Meshes can be used on a range of structures including loose covers, rigid barriers, internal sections for greenhouse, screens for glasshouse doors and ventilation windows, for field crops and as large tunnel covers.

We have a range of mesh sizes available to control different types of insect species to maximise light penetration and balance ventilation requirements.

AG INSECT POLL – contains pollination insects

AG INSECT 8/5 – protects against aphids

AG INSECT 16/10 – protects against whitefly

AG INSECT 20/10 – protects against bemisia tabaci



  • Effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to pesticides
  • Range of mesh sizes can provide target defence to a variety of insects
  • Enables excellent airflow
  • Low shade factor for maximum brightness
  • Premium weave quality for high performance
  • Lightweight, robust and durable
  • UV-stabilised for long life
  • Range of roll sizes available
  • Customer sheet sizes are also available


We have a variety of Agrotextiles products in our Geotextiles range including the popular eco-friendly Woven and Biodegradable Weed Control Membrane available in a range of sizes for long-term weed control, moisture conservation and separation. We also supply a number of various Netting and Mesh products including Anti Bird Netting, Windbreak Netting, Insect Mesh Netting and Multipurpose Extruded Netting which offer crop and plant protection from various harmful environmental factors.


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