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Insulated Water Tanks


Insulated Water Tanks have been designed as a self-contained solution for the storage of Potable or Non-Potable Water in harsh weather conditions – hot or cold. These Tanks have been made with double wall constructions and high performing insulation multilayered foil – these insulation foils have been rigorously tested to meet the current building regulation standards of BBC and LABC.

Insulated Water Storage Tanks are a cost effective alternative to insulated GRP/FRP water tanks. Each Tank requires no Insulation Kit which are prone to deteriorate in time and are not suitable for outdoor use.

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Constructed using WRAS-approved polyethylene Icorene 1314 DW Black 9001 or Revolve N-748 Black approved under WRAS Approval 1202543 and 1201523 respectively.

At Safe Fence, we supply a range of connections and fittings suitable for agricultural, commercial and domestic applications:

  • Tank Connector – provide quick and easy method of installing additional outlets and connections.
  • Float Valve & Float – these control the filling of a tank so that it can be flushed.
  • Valves – robust brass valves which are excellent for isolating equipment from your install for maintenance.
  • Lids Options– additional Lids for greater security of your tank.



Water protected from external conditions

Outer Tank encapsulates and protects the insulation

Covered bund prevents collection of rainwater and debris

Opaque plastic reduces algae growth in sunlight

Cost effective alternative to insulated GRP/FRP Water Tanks

Rotationally moulded construction or strength and durability




H x D


3000L 2250mm x 1600mm 155kg 14" Vented Inner Lid
3400L 1400mm x 2200mm 150kg 14" Vented Inner Lid
4300L 1600mm x 2200mm 120kg 14" Vented Inner Lid
5000L 1650mm x 2200mm 150kg 14" Vented Inner Lid
5600L 1900mm x 2200mm 200kg 14" Vented Inner Lid
10,000L 2800mm x 2700mm 600kg

24" Screwdown Outer Lid

16" Screwdown Inner Lid


At Safe Fence, we have a range of Water Storage products which includes Potable and Non-Potable Tanks up to 25,000Las well as WRAS-approved TanksUnderground Tanks and Brine Tanks which are excellent solutions for industrial, agricultural and domestic use.


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