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Trench Sheets - FLP 600/6.0


Trench Sheets - FLP 600/6.0

The FLP is an interlocking trench sheet that comes in both 3.5mm & 6.0mm gauges. The FLP 600/6.0 is a heavier duty trench sheet & should be used if installing longer lengths of trench sheet.


  • Effective Width = 600mm 
  • Depth = 130mm 
  • Thickness = 6.0mm 
  • Steel grade = S275JR 

All FLP trench sheets are supplied with 1 handling hole at the top of the sheet. Extra handling holes can be provided upon request.  

Product Notes

  1. Trench sheets should only be installed and removed by competent persons using excavators specified to suit the size of trench sheet and the anticipated ground conditions/site constraints.
  2. Trench sheets are heavy and difficult to handle/pitch on site and these operations should only be carried out by experienced banksmen. Always ensure that the sheets are not lifted over personnel and that the trailing ropes on Quick Release Shackles cannot snag. Great care should be taken to avoid trapping  fingers whilst pitching the sheets. Additional care must be taken in windy conditions when it is recommended that at least 2 persons are used to pitch the sheets.
  3. Safe Fence strongly recommend that a driving cap is always used to prevent unnecessary damage to the tops of the trench sheet when being driven into the ground using the excavator bucket.
  4. When stacking sheets on site it is recommended that they are placed in bundles of no more than 6 sheets and staggered on timber spacers to allow for ease of handling and to minimise the risk of trapping hands/fingers.
  5. In order to assist installation Safe Fence can supply guide walings and piling frames. For availability and details contact Safe Fence direct.
  6. Trench sheets must only be removed using extractors. Use of a quick release shackle for extraction will lead to damage of the spring mechanism.
  7. Safe Fence interlocking trench sheets can provide limited protection against groundwater ingress and should always be used with caution where high water flows are anticipated.