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Laser Cut Steel Chimenea - Climbing Ivy Design


Laser Cut Steel Chimenea - Climbing Ivy Design

These Chimenea's are perfect for the British Outdoors, whether that’s on a beautiful spring night with a glass of wine or roasting marshmallows with the kids in the depths of winter. We manufacture a truly unique steel Chimenea using mild steel. These steel Chimeneas have incredible laser cut designs, allowing the fire to breath & turning your Chimenea into a fantastic centre piece. Offered in a range of heights & designs, we can also create bespoke Chimenea's to suit your requirements.
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Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards our Chimeneas are one of the best quality garden products on the market. The unique finish & craftmanship has made our fire pits & Chimeneas incredibly popular, with us delivering them direct to customers in all corners of the UK & abroad.

Our Chimeneas are often preferred to fire pits as the smoke is drawn upwards and away from your eye level. The 1.3 Chimenea is perfect for sitting around, whilst the 1.8m high Chimenea with the larger neck makes sure that you can stand next to the lovely warm Chimenea without getting smoke in your eyes. The air holes in the bottom of the base allow oxygen to fuel the fire whilst concentrating the draw up the neck.

Traditional Chimeneas are made out of clay, however our modern range of Steel Chimeneas are made of robust Steel Metal offering unparalleled longevity to their lifespans & an industrial Chic look to your garden or outdoor space. These uniquely designed Laser Cut Steel Garden Chimeneas are prefect for use as a Patio Heater, Log Burner, Fire pit, garden ornament, garden furniture or BBQ.

Available in 3 unique patterns & 2 unique heights/dimensions our Chimeneas are laser cut to perfection offering the best quality garden & outdoor space chimenea experience. All of them are seam welded and linished to ensure a clean weld that can’t be seen by the eye.

We offer two finishes. After manufacturing they can be left in a raw mild steel state so that they naturally patina over time as the surface oxidizes. Alternately we can coat them in a heat proof mat black paint, which is weather resistant.

All of our Chimeneas come with care instructions to make sure you're Chimenea stands the test of time. We recommend placing you unique Chimenea on an even surface. If you place it on a surface that could warp or distort due to heat then we do recommend placing a flag stone or some other form of protective barrier underneath the Chimenea base.

1.3m Dimensions:

Height: 1.3 meters

Base: 350mm square

Top: 90mm square

Weight: 25KG

1.8m Dimensions:

Height: 1.8 meters

Base: 480mm square

Top: 120mm square

Weight: 45KG