Lightweight Trench Box

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Lightweight Trench Box
Lightweight trench boxes are used in trench shoring as a form of trench ground support. They offer an affordable lightweight trench lining system. They are most commonly used for ground works operations such as installing utility pipes where ground movement is not critical.
Price From:Price on Application
Price From:Price on Application


The size of the system required to use for your trench ground support depends on the your maximum trench depth requirements & the size of the pipe sections that you are installing in the ground. Our lightweight trench box system is generally most suitable to trench depths of up to 4 meters and trench width of around 3.7 meters if used in conjunction without variable trench box struts. 

All of our trench boxes come with strut pins to suit. As standard our ground pins are 28mm dia round bar & 160mm long, they have a shear SWL of 228kN and weigh approximately 1kg. 

The lightweight trench box system is also incredibly easy to assemble and install. There are two main methods of installing the trench box in place, the first is to use the "dig and push" technique, the other simple approach is to simply dig out the excavation and then lower the lightweight trench box into place. 

The lightweight nature of these trench boxes makes them perfect for smaller excavations and when your site equipment has a low lifting capacity, meaning you don’t have to rely on hiring in expensive machinery to carry out your ground excavation works. 

Our lightweight trench boxes are manufactured in the UK, using high quality British & European steel. When it comes to safety, we don’t want to compromise on quality. 

Trench Box Details

Name Trench Box Base Trench Box Extension Top
Size (L x H) 3000 x 2010  3000 x 1100
Max Depth** (m) 4.19 N/A
Panel Resistance SWL (kN/m2) 45 45
Panel Thick / Weight (Tmm / kg) 60/435 60/320
Approx Assembled Weight 970-1330 690-870
Internal Trench With (mm) 605-3625 605-3625
Trench Width (mm) 725-3745 725-3745
Clearance Below Bottom Struts (mm)  903 N/A

Telescopic Strut Details

Component Strut Inner Strut Outer
Specification 100x100x10 SHS 120x120x8 SHS
Specification S355 S355
Axial SWL  228kN 228kN
Moment SWL 9.9kNm 9.9kNm
Hole Details 30mm Holes 30mm Holes
Unit Mass 27.4kg/m 26.4kg/m