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Manual Kerb Stone Handle


Manual Kerb Stone Handle


The Manual Kerb Stone Handle is a robust kerb stone moving tool perfect for the easy and safe transportation of kerb stones.

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The Manual Kerb Stone Handle has been designed to make the process of moving kerb stones, edging blocks, and natural stone blocks simple, safe, and effortless.

An ingenious creation, the Manual Kerbstone Handle is a robust and durable stone gripping device made from top-of-the-range steel.

The process of using the Manual Kerb Stone Handle is straightforward and easy to complete. The two handles open up the jaw of the handle to accommodate the object being transported.

Once the jaw of the Manual Curb Stone Handle has been extended and the object is within the jaw, the user simply uses the handles to close the jaw, clamping the Manual Kerb Stone Handle to the object before lifting.

The Manual Kerb Stone Handle should always be used in pairs in order to safely transport the stones without risk of injury. Always be sure to carry out risk assessments before using the Manual Kerb Stone Handle and transporting stones.

The Manual Kerb Stone Handle is capable of lifting objects weighing up to 150 kg, an impressive load capacity that is testament to the high quality of the device.

Commonly used in the construction and road maintenance industries, the Manual Kerb Stone Handle can be used in both commercial and domestic settings if necessary.

The rubber grips on the Kerbstone Handle are also replaceable increasing the expected product life, saving time and money in the future.

Safe Fence sources the best products from leading manufacturers to ensure the equipment is guaranteed to be reliable and produced to the highest standards possible. The Manual Kerb-Stone Handle is just one of the many products that reach this minimum requirement to receive Safe Fence approval.

Available for purchase online the Kerb Stone Handles are sold individually with the cost listed accounting for one Manual Kerb Stone Handle. Spare rubber grips are sold separately.


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Load Capacity: 150 kg
Jaw Width: 0-670 mm
Internal Depth: 200 mm
Length: 150 mm
Weight: 4 kg