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MASCOT® Pasadena - Work Trousers


MASCOT® Pasadena - Work Trousers

The Mascot Pasadena Originals Trousers are cotton and polyester trouser that has been perfected for use in the workplace. Suitable for a wide range of industries, the Pasadena model of trousers is lightweight and durable.
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The Mascot Pasadena Originals Trousers are the premium choice of work trousers. Robust, comfortable, and perfectly fit for purpose, these trousers are good for the wearer and the wallet.

Taking the highest quality materials and combining them with the biggest wearer concerns, Mascot has managed to create a trouser able to perform to a high standard while remaining comfortable no matter the situation.

Made from a highly durable and resistant cotton and polyester blend, the Mascot Pasadena Work Trousers have also been designed with tough triple-stitched seams across the legs and crotch to further improve the durability of the trousers.

The Mascot Pasadena Trousers have an impressive amount of storage options available in the form of front pockets, jetted back pockets with buttons, thigh pockets with flap coverings and adjustable hook and loop band fastenings, a thigh phone pocket,  and ruler and pen pockets.

The design of the Mascot Pasadena Trouser Bottoms also includes internal kneepad pockets. The inclusion of knee-pad pockets enables the trousers to reach industry-standard requirements when used with suitable knee pads.

When used with the correct knee-pads the combination of work trouser and knee pads reach the minimum requirements to receive EN 14404 classification.

A knee-pad that meets these standards has been tested across three categories, impact absorption, penetration resistance, and pressure distribution, ensuring the wearer will be adequately protected when kneeling.

Safe Fence recommends using the Mascot Pasadena Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets with knee pads from a reputable brand such as Mascot.


Additional features on the Pasadena model include:


  • A zip fly on the crotch for easier access than buttons allow.
  • Sewn pleats provide a more stylish finish.
  • Belt loops across the waist provide more support and wearer comfort when used with a belt.


The Mascot Pasadena Trousers are also tough enough to endure industrial washing.

Suitable for nearly all industries, the Pasadena Trouser Bottoms are commonly used in the logistics, engineering, and manufacturing industries.

The work trousers are suitable to be worn as a piece of stand-alone clothing but also easily accommodate the comfortable wearing of other products alongside them. Safe Fence supplies a wide range of Mascot products such as the 50121-929-010 Mascot Olten Under Shirt and 50149-951-010 Mascot Reims knitted jumper available to complete the look.

The look can be personalised further with the various branding options that are available upon request.

A product designed to be used by as many different demographics as physically possible, the Pasadena Trousers are unisex and are available in an impressive amount of sizes and fits.

Available in sizes  XXS - 5XL.

Short, medium, and tall leg options are available.

Available in black.