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MASCOT® Potsdam - T-shirt


MASCOT® Potsdam - T-shirt

The two-tone Mascot Potsdam Unique T-Shirt is a workplace T-Shirt with a style like no other. With the Potsdam T-Shirt it's possible to stand out from the crowd while still being part of the team.
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The Mascot Potsdam Unique T-Shirt is lightweight and comfortable, designed to reduce the chances of irritation while keeping the wearer cool and allowing for full maneuverability.
Boasting an impressive product life the Potsdam TShirt is a high-quality t-shirt that is long-lasting and durable thanks to the premium material it is made from.
Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the Mascot Potsdam T-Shirt is able to absorb moisture thanks to the combed cotton. This makes the Tshirt even more comfortable and reduces the risk of irritation when sweating.
The neck of the Potsdam model is a round neck that is ribbed for additional comfort and to improve the appearance of the Tee-Shirt. The neck yoke present on the Mascot Potsdam T-Shirt also helps to provide support for the looser part of the Tee, making the fit even more comfortable for the wearer.
The high levels of durability held by the Postadam T Shirt allow the T-shirt to tolerate industrial washing. A fantastic feature when considering bulk washing products.
A product for use in nearly every industry possible, the Mascot Potsdam T-Shirt has been known to be used in the construction, retail, manufacturing, and engineering industries.
The Mascot Tee-Shirt can comfortably accommodate the use of Mascot products such as the 15501-231-17010 Mascot Harlow Outer Shell Jacket, a Mascot product also available via Safe Fence, in order to increase the levels of warmth and weather protection provided to the wearer.
As with the majority of other products supplied by Mascot, the Potsdam T-Shirt can be branded with company logos and text upon request with many different product positions available to choose from.
Available in sizes XS - 4XL.
Available in royal blue/ dark navy.