75cm Mastercone Traffic Cone - Green

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75cm Mastercone Traffic Cone - Green
Probably the most practical two piece cones on the market - 750mm tall and weighs 4.4kg
Ex VAT: £6.25 Inc VAT: £7.50
Ex VAT: £6.25 Inc VAT: £7.50


Traffic cones, also called pylons, witches' hats, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, or construction cones, are normally cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe and suitable manner. They are often used to create separation or merge lanes during road construction projects or automobile accidents, although heavier, more permanent markers or signs are used if the diversion is to stay in place for a long period of time.

Probably the most practical two piece cones on the market. The Mastercone has been one of the most successful cones used on the UK roads for many years. Incorporating the high performance prismatic Starlux™ sleeve, the Mastercone is highly visible to all motorists & pedestrians on or near the highway.

The Mastercone is manufactured to the highest standards in the UK. The traffic cone comes fit with a black ballast base which helps add weight to the traffic cone and stop it from being blown over in adverse weather conditions.


  • 75cm Mastercone - Green 


The Mastercone confirms to the necessary standard and regulations that are required to use these cones on road & traffic works. These include: 

  • Conforms to requirements of BSEN13422 
  • Chapter 8 - Traffic Signs Manual 
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works - A Code of Practice 
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions 
  • Blow moulded top with easy grip access.
  • 100% thermoplastic recyclable PVC base with anti-slip feature.
  • Fitted with high performance Starlux™ pocketed prismatic sleeve, offering superb daylight luminance and night time reflectivity.
  • Bases & centres can also be embossed and coloured.
  • Centre manufactured from recyclable LDPE and HDPE combined.
  • Conforms to requirements of BSEN13422
  • Chapter 8 - The Traffic Signs Manual
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works  – A Code of Practice.
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions