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Flat Metal Feet - Crowd Barriers

Metal feet stabilise and secure loose leg crowd control barriers and transit barriers. We advise purchasing one more metal foot than the number of crowd control barriers or transit barriers that you purchase.
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These flat metal feet provide a stable and secure foundation for loose leg pedestrian barriers or collapsable transit barriers, while the flat-shape reduces the risk of trip hazards for pedestrians. The feet are detachable and so make for easy storage, alongside the loose leg crowd barriers and collapsable transit barriers which can then be more easily stacked lying down ontop of one another. 

Over recent years loose leg crowd barriers fit with flat metal feet have become incredibly popular for use as a form of crowd control at large music festivals and outdoor events. This is because in adverse weather conditions the flat metal foot provides a much more stable base than a fixed leg pedestrian barrier. This is because Loose leg crowd barrier feet have a larger surface area, and as such the crowd barrier foot is less like to be submerged in mud. To further improve their stability location points drilled into the corner of each flat metal foot also allows event organisers to pin these feet in place using ground pins.