Metal Keep Right Sign

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Metal Keep Right Sign
Our 750mm metal Keep Right signs come with a RA1 reflective on a zintec metal sheet face. These are then clipped into angle iron frames.
Ex VAT: £18.25 Inc VAT: £21.90


Metal keep right road signs highlight the path that vehicles should take and ensure that they continue to stay on the correct course. You should place ‘Keep right’ or ‘Keep left’ metal signs as appropriate at the beginning and end of the lead-in taper of traffic cones or other traffic managment items. These metal signs must be the same size as the ‘Road works ahead’ sign. Make sure that the signs point in the correct direction. Warning: Do not place ‘Keep left’ or ‘Keep right’ sign frames on their sides to make them point in the correct direction, as this could cause a hazard to road and footway users, and may cause confusion. These signs must not be used for directing pedestrians.