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Water Filled Heras Fence Stabiliser

Our Water Filled Heras Fence Stabiliser gives your Heras Fence Panels the support & ballast they need to provide strong, safe & secure barriers for your Traffic Management, Crowd Control, On-Site Security, Construction Sites, Highway Maintenance, Road Closure and Event / Show requirements.
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Available in a colour combination delivered to suit your on-site needs! Water Filled Heras Fence Stabilisers are a heavy-duty alternative to traditional rubber feet or blocks, Water Filled Heras Fence Stabilisers offer the next level of stability & security to your choice of barrier/delineation securing your choice of mesh fence panel with 105KG (filled) of water weight.  

When should I use more than Rubber Blocks? These stabilisers are perfect for use on sites plagued by high winds, uneven ground or during unstable weather conditions also when taking into account higher levels of required site security & when the site is located near active transport & logistics operations to prevent barrier compromising and falling panels.  

As well as increased structural stability benefits Water Filled Barriers allow for easy barrier deployment with an unfilled weight of just 9KG allowing your team to deploy on-site easily and quickly. Looking for something more secure? Why not look at our RB2000 and GB2 water filled barriers systems

Available in a 50/50 mix of Red & White, 100% Red or 100% White. Simply choose your mix of colours when selecting the our Water Filled Heras Fence Stabiliser & Safe Fence will do the rest.  


Width: 1000mm
Height: 400mm
Depth: 390mm
Weight: 9kg (105kg when filled)
Capacity: 96Litres
Fill cap size: 75mm / 3 ¾ “
Drain plug size: 25mm
Max deployment angle: 45 deg approx
MIRA wind speed test: 54 to 73 mph
UV stabilised MDPE


Heras metal fence panel support
Lightweight when empty
Can be deployed by 1 person
Heras panels slot in
Built in chains to secure to fence panels
Red and white colours as standard
Can be colour coded if ordered in quantity
Made in UK

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